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Any software product you choose needs to enhance your processes, add system maturity, and improve productivity and overall operations. Learn more about our features to see why Arbiter Completions and Controls is the right fit for you.   


Arbiter’s digital check sheet feature


Using paper check sheets is costly and inefficient, Arbiter integrates client
specific check sheets into SoftChecks, which eliminates sourcing, printing,
scanning, compiling and the need to organize check sheets.


Tracking and managing paper check sheets can cause scheduling delays and
inaccurate progress reporting- fully digital check sheets means check sheets are
instantaneously updated, showing real time project progress and increased
visibility of project status.


Work locations often do not have WIFI or cellular service to connect to a server, SoftChecks is both mobile and off-line capable, meaning check sheets can still be accessed if your project is in a remote location.

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Digital check sheet - SoftChecks
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Accurate, up-to-date project progression and efficiency tracking

Reporting & Efficiency

Arbiter allows for accurate project progress to be displayed to all team members, regardless of location. Give your leads the capability of making informed project decisions with fully customizable reporting. Design your reports around the milestones that are important to you and your client!


Keep on top of labour costs and management with Arbiter’s earned vs burned value reports. Track the cost of manhours spent against the estimated hours for the project, and utilize this historical data to ensure future projects are estimated accurately.


Confidently forecast your schedule using the tools and features within Arbiter, and give your team the capability of accurately scheduling daily and weekly work scope.

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Real-time, accurate tracking of actions and deficiencies

Action Tracking

No more unwanted surprises! Prevent actions or deficiencies from being
forgotten or put off until the end of the project. Assign actions to a specific
party, ensuring deficiencies are not overlooked or deferred.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Arbiter Completions and Controls allows
you to attach pictures, documents or PDF’s to be attached to an action.
Eliminate miscommunication around what the deficiency is by attaching
pictures or documents to the action item. 

Fully understand your project deficiencies, Arbiter’s system displays accurate, real-time status for all actions. Having the ability to raise, action and close deficiencies onsite not only increases communication within your team, but also saves your business time and money. 

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Digital Check Sheet
Build Better Systems

Project Controls

Your business has enjoyed success over its lifetime. But for some reason it doesn’t seem to be getting much easier as your company matures. You write processes but they don’t feed consistent improvement, you’re left guessing where growth and quality went off the rails. If any of this sounds familiar to you, we should have a chat about Arbiter.


With an Arbiter system your business will make the leap to repeatability and improving, whether you are a project-based or manufacturer, quality and process will continue to refine and increase profit and performance.

Document Repository


Utilize our Document Repository feature, Doculink. Store your files digitally in any file structure you need, and see who updated, downloaded, or revised the document, all in one place. Doculink links directly with Arbiter, providing you with the necessary information your team needs. Batch upload up to 500 files or a 1GB zip file all at once. 

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More information about Arbiter's Features:

Digital Check Sheet

Dossier (Document Turnover)

Dossiers (Document Turnover) Key to Success! Dossiers (Document Turnover) Paper dossiers are no longer required. Arbiter’s customizable turnover dossier is fully digital and structured into a well-defined file folder structure which can be archived on the client system for future reference. Arbiter’s Dossier feature will compile standard chapters, like check

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Digital Check Sheet


Doculink Doculink is a digital document repository, that easily stores all project related files in a customized structure to suit any need.  Arbiter uses Doculink Doculink Arbiter Completions & Controls connects with the Doculink App.  Doculink is a digital document repository, that easily stores all project related files in a

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Actions and Deficiencies

Actions Project deficiency tracking. Real-time, accurate project deficiency tracking Action Tracking Arbiter Completions and Controls allows users to easily raise actions the moment a deficiency is identified, and helps your team track open actions until closure.   Reduce or eliminate project overruns caused by forgotten or unactioned deficiencies. Ensure that

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