Dossiers (Document Turnover)

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Dossiers (Document Turnover)

Paper dossiers are no longer required. Arbiter’s customizable turnover dossier is fully digital and structured into a well-defined file folder structure which can be archived on the client system for future reference.

Dossier feature will compile standard chapters, like check sheets and Action or Turnover certificates.

Dossier feature can also add custom chapters to manage unique project requirements like redlines, vendor reports, RFI’s etc., that can be compiled in the Dossier as a chapter.

Digital Dossiers will be produced in a file structure (similar to below) to save each record separately, which will align the records in the following manner:

Digital Check Sheet


The Static Check is a standard chapter within Arbiter. Like Actions Report and Turnover Milestones, they are available for every turnover dossier. The client can customize and add additional chapters in the dossier, redlines, vendor reports, system boundaries, RFI etc. These will be custom, and information must be uploaded into the chapters by client field leads or Admins. The Arbiter system can create custom chapters to house vendor digital data books. When the project is completed, the data books will be compiled into the System and Project Turnover electronic dossier.

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