Dynamic ITP

Arbiter’s Inspection and Test Plan Feature


Arbiter’s Inspection and Test Plan Feature

What is a dynamic ITP ?

The Dynamic ITP (Inspection & Test Plan) in Arbiter allows for users to perform the same check against multiple objects.

Instead of using extensive excel spreadsheets to capture their checks, the ITP feature allows the user to build unique, customizable ITP’s by selecting multiple objects (tags) and compiling them into a convenient, dynamic ITP format.

Arbiter’s Inspection and Test Plan feature

How does it work ?

The ITP feature will allow you to sign off multiple individual tags and objects. After performing the checks, the user can utilize the ITP feature to update the status for each individual object and instantly upload them into Arbiter, resulting in a real-time project status available to everybody in your company . Deficiencies can be identified and Actions can be raised against the deficiencies for each object. Pictures and documents can also be added as attachments for Actions.


Companies that currently use spreadsheets for their inspection and test plans need to wait until the entire process is complete before they can update their system information, resulting in delayed project status reporting and declined project controls. The Dynamic ITP function in Arbiter allows for the project status to be updated immediately, showing real-time project status. Arbiter is the first Completions and Controls software to develop an ITP feature.

Inspection and test plan
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Arbiter’s Inspection and Test Plan feature

Our Benefits

Here are some of the benefits your company has when using Arbiter’s dynamic ITP:
  • Saving time and reduce costs, by using one sheet for all objects.
  • Real-time progress tracking through instant uploads.
  • Actions can still be raised against deficiencies for each object and pictures can be attached to the actions.
  • More efficient use of time, multiple check sheets are updated at once.

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