Necessity is the mother of all invention. This was certainly the case for Sancon and Contendo in the late 2000’s. Sancon Commissioning was growing at a healthy clip, helping major infrastructure projects reach revenue generation faster and more reliably. Contendo Digital Solutions was crafting online competency training and database solutions for its clients in the energy sector. At the time, they were sister companies, and collaboration was easy and natural.

As Sancon and their projects’ scale and breadth grew and diversified, the pain point of managing expertise at scale came to the forefront. The problem to solve was to codify the expertise of Sancon leadership so that everything from proposal development, estimates, scheduling, processes, and quality checks could be repeated at a level of quality and accuracy that Sancon had become known for.

This realization would start a development journey that would last over a decade. The process that would ultimately result in Arbiter Completions and Controls begin with the development of SCS in 2009. With iterations to increase the oversight, execution and user experience, SCS would become a potent tool for Sancon’s global work.

Completions and Control Out In The Wild

In 2019, after a decade of building custom platforms and solutions for a wide range of businesses, Contendo identified that there were significant gaps in how businesses and organizations scoped, estimated and executed their projects or day-to-day activities.

Some of the significant pain points Contendo uncovered were:

  • Losing money due to a gap between scheduling and reporting (overages, scope creep and growth)
  • Burning resources through redundancy and manual processes (paper and Excel systems requiring repeated entry and review)
  • Inconsistent estimates for similar projects and tasks (creating inconsistent margins, unreliable cashflow, and getting leveraged waiting for payment)

Encountering these pain points in the wild inspired Contendo to look at the SCS platform and ask themselves if it could bring the value it brought to Sancon to organizations worldwide and in various sectors.

Empowered By Contendo – Arbiter’s Journey

Contendo and Sancon had already developed the bones of the Arbiter system in the decade-plus for Sancon. However, Contendo knew that Sancon’s configuration would not be the ideal set-up for the businesses we wanted to help. Our developers poured over every aspect of the user journey and the experience and worked hard to ensure that the window of time between purchase and value realization was as short as possible.

Contendo selected the name Arbiter for the new and improved completions and controls platform. Arbiter has different meanings depending on the context; however, we gravitated toward the notion of taking control of destiny. We aimed to create a platform that could be the difference between success and failure, resilience or decline, and that our customers would succeed by the increased control that would make them the Arbiter’s of their destiny. With roots

Ready To Help

Our team is ready to help your organization to become the Arbiter of your business’s future.

With support available to get started, a host of resources, embedded how-to videos and access to your success representative, Arbiter can immediately help you take control of your business’ destiny.

Our platform has been streamlined but still offers the power and advanced features to create powerful tools to continually improve your business’ performance and help you protect and grow your profitability so that you can scale your business and achieve more in the future.

We invite you to book a discovery call with our team to discuss your business’ pain points and how you can become the Arbiter of your business’s success