Marking the official launch of Arbiter Completions & Controls message from the founder:


Good Day:

With great pride and pleasure, I formally introduce the world to Arbiter Controls and Completions. A software platform designed and refined over the past decade delivers an unparalleled toolkit for project leads, manufacturers and business owners.


The process optimization and refinement available to our clients can quickly differentiate between project success and failure, growth or stagnation, survival or closure. When the pressures of the market are forcing improvements in efficiency or the cutting down of waste, Arbiter doesn’t only show you where to make changes but how to make them effective. Arbiter provides you with a Competitive Advantage & Significant Performance, and a Point of Differentiation based on Quality and Control.


In the decade-plus refinement of this system, Arbiter took many forms to reach its mature state that we are making available today. As a result, we can now deliver an optimized system that aligns with your processes to integrate throughout your organization, allowing you to continually improve and gain a competitive advantage in your market.


I look forward to meeting with more of you in the future as we roll out Arbiter and see how it impacts performance and the bottom line of our customers.



Dennis Killoran

Founder and CEO