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SoftChecks Arbiter's digital check sheets

Using paper Check sheets is costly and inefficient

Using paper check sheets is costly and inefficient
Arbiter integrates client specific check sheets into SoftChecks, which
eliminates the hours needed for sourcing, printing, scanning,
compiling and organizing check sheets.

• Check sheets are automatically populated with project- and
object-specific information, like check sheet headers and object

• Eliminate the need for printing and stockpiling paper check sheets
for your field staff.

• Reduce the chance of human error, with check sheets being
misplaced or lost.

• Arbiter’s SoftChecks feature allows for your check sheets to be
uploaded, completed and filed digitally.

• Continue to utilize your existing documents, but in an electronic
format. User familiarity contributes to a seamless transition.

• SoftChecks has the ability of attaching pictures or documents to a
check sheet.