The commissioning of large capital projects, particularly in the energy, chemical, and oil and gas sectors, is a complex task fraught with numerous variables that must be effectively managed. This dynamic arena requires meticulous attention to detail and proficient orchestration of responsibilities, with the project’s success often hinging on these fundamental aspects.


Assigning specific tasks across a project team, from project managers to engineers, is a pivotal part of capital project execution. This process creates clarity on who does what eliminates redundancy and fosters accountability. With Dennis Killoran’s four decades of industry experience as the founder of Sancon Commissioning, he illustrates the potency of this process. By defining individual roles meticulously, he executed numerous projects successfully, each member contributing their unique expertise toward a common goal.

Moreover, identifying interface activities between project teams ensures seamless execution. These activities represent points where one team’s output is another team’s input, essentially serving as connective tissue across teams. For instance, in an oil refinery project, the team responsible for installing pipelines must interface with the team commissioning the pump systems. Organizations can prevent critical oversights and maintain operational continuity through effective interface management, significantly reducing the risk of costly errors and delays.

Lastly, one can’t underscore the importance of identifying witness points within the project scope. Witness points are pre-defined points where work is verified or inspected by an individual or team not directly responsible for the task. They act as checkpoints, ensuring every project stage is completed accurately and to standard. This systematic validation allows early detection of discrepancies, fostering corrective actions and preventing the compounding of errors.

In summary, determining roles and responsibilities, interface activities, and witness points are critical to successfully commissioning large capital projects in industries such as energy, chemicals, and oil and gas. As attested by the prolific career of Dennis Killoran, incorporating these strategies can provide a robust framework for efficient and effective project execution.

Investing in carefully outlining these elements is a proactive step towards project success, safeguarding both time and resources in this high-stakes field.

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